Pictures In My Dreams

by casey

I have always thought the paranormal to be cool. I still do, but know I know it's not just cool it's real.

When I was probably 8 I had a dream, that's not too unusual, but it was a normal dream until a picture kinda came out of nowhere and covered everything else. It was a picture of a guy's face. It was black and white and looked like it was taken with a cellphone. A couple weeks later my babysitter came over and was texting on her phone. When I asked her who she was texting she showed me a picture of the guy. It was the same guy in my dreams!

A few years later I was sitting in my dad's car at night while he ran inside a movie store to return a video. While he was gone I was looking outside my window and dropped the book I was holding. When I bent over to pick it up I glanced at the window and there was a woman standing there. She had gray eyes, blood red lips, black hair, and pale skin. I screamed at my brother who was sitting in the front seat to look out his window and she disappeared. Like poof: gone: disappeared. Not a hobo running down the street: disappeared.

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