Pig Lady

by Dayna
(Detroit, MI)

Okay so when I was in middle school back in the 1990s, I had just learned about Pig Lady. Just like Bloody Mary you can call her. The rules were, go into a closet with the door closed all the way and repeatedly say Pig Lady over and over again for a long time.

After saying her name for a long time you leave the closet and go to the closest mirror and you will be able to see her in the mirror.

One day I was over my best friends house with my sister and told them about the story, we were bored and decided to do it. She had a wall mirror in her room next to her closet. So while we were in the closet saying Pig Lady, my friends brother kept opening the door and scaring us, so we just kept having to start over.

After 5 or more attempts with her brother keeping on interrupting us and 30 minutes later, we decided that was long enough. So we all walked out of the closet and since the mirror was right by the closet door my friend and sister just stood there. I looked first and saw nothing and started laughing- relieved I guess and so did my friend and sister because they saw nothing either. We went on with the day and started to play and do other things until it was time for me and my sister to go home.

That night it was raining and bedtime and I haven't giving anymore thought to Pig Lady. I had the worst nightmare and I still remember it to this day, I dreamt a woman with a pig head was chasing me, my sister and my friend on some railroad tracks, but she wasn't running but flying over us and laughing. I told my friend about the dream and she said she didn't have a nightmare, but her wall mirror fell off the screws (I don't know how) and broke into pieces and she heard laughing. My sister said she had a nightmare too but couldn't remember what happened.

A couple of years ago I was telling a different girlfriend about the experience over the phone, she didn't have me on speaker phone and was sitting on the couch alone, her boyfriend was in the room but not around her. She said Pig Lady out loud and her boyfriend start saying she lives on the railroad tracks right when I was about to say she was chasing us on the Railroad tracks.

We were both like how did he know and started to ask questions about her, so he started to say you can go to the Railroad tracks and see her at night, but that was all he knew.

Count me out!!!!! I live in Detroit, MI - I have tried to look it up on the internet but haven't come up with anything has anyone heard or know about her.

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