Pirate Ghost

by Taylor An Lynn
(Clovis CA USA)

I was about four years old when me and my friend saw our first ghost. We where playing in her backyard and digging in the dirt. That's when we found some cool jewelry. It was in a wooden box. The lock was so rusty that it just fell off. We ended up playing dress up with it but little did we know we would soon be hunted by an angry ghost.

We each took a couple of pieces home. That night we both got visited by the same ghost. We both described a pirate. It kept coming till the next time we meet. The next time we meet we both agreed to put the jewelry back. It was a good thing I remembered my half. We found a new lock and put all of the jewelry back in the wooden box and put the lock on it and put in the dirt and covered it. After that the pirate ghost never came back.

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