Playing Piano

by Kristina

This is another weird story that happened to me. When I was little I was staying at my aunt's place as my mum was out of town. My aunt was at work and I was alone in her apartment. There was an electrical keyboard. So it can only play if it is plugged in. But it wasn't.

I was near it and all of a sudden it started to play on its own. I ran out of the room and then ran outside to the street.

Also that day my aunt's dog started to make the weirdest noise, it wasn't even a bark or anything dogs usually sound like. I went to the room when she was and she was standing on the top of a chair in the middle of the room. It looked very creepy. She was staring at someone, trying to sniff the air.

Then I came home when my mother returned to the town. And when the school started after the class I was on duty to stay and clean the floor in one of the classrooms where the piano was. While I was doing it the piano started to play. It was short, but pretty loud. And for some reasons I wasn't scared that time so I just kept on mopping the floor and then left.

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