Please Help

by Katie
(Edmond, Oklahoma)

Ok, so when I was 14 I started having these reoccurring nightmares. In the dream I was in my bed. I saw this dark figure crawl across the bed towards me then it attacked me, it tried to stab me with this little needle multiple times. I was fighting with it until my whole body went paralyzed. I couldn't move or scream then I woke up still paralyzed for a few seconds.

The next time I had this dream it was different. I saw the same dark figure crawling across my bed and it grabbed me this time and started dragging me down the hall. I would try to move and scream for help but I couldn't. Every time it gets me to the end of the hall I would wake up still paralyzed for a few seconds and with a feeling that something is staring at me. I'm unable to sleep for the rest of the night.

I am 19 now and still have this dream every now and again. At my Dad's house when I have been home alone I have seen doors slam and the TV turns on by itself. It never happens when my parents are home though. And when I visit my mom at her house I hear footsteps at night when everyone is asleep. And I smelled smoke in my room even though no one around was smoking.

One night I decided to sleep in my mom's bed because I was so scared, I started hearing those same footsteps then I felt something grab my leg just like in my nightmare but I wasn't asleep this time. I was actually dragged halfway down the bed before I finally woke my mom up. As soon as she got up it stopped dragging me. I don't know what this could be. Does anyone know? I just want it to stop.

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