Please Let Me Go

by adriaan

Okay it all started within my teenager years. I was 16 when I met this one girl. She told me one day that she and her other friends were doing witchcraft and she asked me if I want to join the group. I replied 'yes why not?' so I asked her how they are doing it and she replied by saying 'wait and you will see for your self.'

So one Friday night I joined the group in the mountains and asked them what are they doing. They said 'we are going to pray to the devil and we are going to kill a cat to and drink the blood of it.' I told them there's no way I'm doing it so I watched them do it and then after that they started taking their clothes off so I was just siting there and watching them doing their thing.

So the next Friday I started doing the same stuff with them. For about 3 months I did it with them until one night the group asked me if I want to join them. They were going to contact the dead and I say 'yes why not, let's do it.' So we put up candles in a pentagram shape and then they started talking, saying the same stuff over and over again. I told them 'listen, this is stupid, I got a lot of better things to do, I'm out.'

So they told me if I go I will never be happy in my life again - they will make sure of it. I replied 'yeah whatever I'm going.'

Since that night I had a faere trapped inside of me. Five months went by and I was moving on until one night my dad was working late and I asked my girlfriend to come over for a drink. Eventually she left again and I walked back into the house and then it all started.

A really could wind was blowing past me and the door was shaking. I went to bed. My dad was still not home and then I received a call that says that my dad is trapped underground and that they can't get them out but they are doing the best they can.

So I went outside to have a smoke and then I saw a owl sitting on the gate staring at me. So I finished my smoke and went back to my room and then the door slammed shut behind me and the light bulb burst into pieces. I had a shiver and then I couldn't breathe. It was like somebody was strangling me.

Since that night every place I move to I don't feel happy. I'm 27 now and still the same shit I can't stay with one girl more than 6 months, I can't keep my work longer than a year, and I can't stay in one house longer than 2 years.

So is it possible that they really cursed me? And if so how can I break it? Please anybody out there who knows how to put a stop to it please let me know what to do, cause I'm done running and living a life like this.

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