by Lani

I am twenty-one years old and I started experiencing my shares of terror at the age of sixteen. And this is my story...

I woke up one night startled to find that there was this apparition of a mutated human spinning on top of my bedside table. It had this yellow glow and its teeth were sharp. It didn't have any hair and it was wearing a cape and it was just spinning in mid air. I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times just to make sure it wasn't just my imagination, but it was just there so I covered my head with my blanket and went back to sleep for I was just too scared to get up from my bed.

Days had passed when the second apparition appeared. I had gone into bed when I looked up to the left corner of my bedroom ceiling and saw this mutated human head attached to the body of a spider. It was running from the left side to the right side corner of the ceiling. After that I couldn't go to sleep without my door open because I was just too scared!

At other times I would feel someone staring at me while I was sleeping so I would often sleep with my Bible in my arms just to feel safe. And there have been times when I would find tiny bruises on my legs or tiny cuts and scratches on my arms and don't remember hurting myself prior. We even had a priest come bless our home because it got to the point where I couldn't sleep alone. I even started losing sleep because I was so young and frightened and didn't understand any of the things happening. I would even dream of being carried by some unknown force and it felt so real I just couldn't go to sleep at night and it got to the point where it started happening during daytime.

I felt so trapped even to this day. I feel so burdened and paranoid all the time. It's even gone from bad to worse. I just recently moved to Washington and I thought coming here would relieve me of my horrors only to find them chasing after me.

Last Thursday I was up late when everyone had gone to sleep, I was downstairs by myself with the lights turned off except one in the kitchen, I had turned on the laptop to watch a movie.

About 11min into the movie I started hearing an old man breathing in the background so loud it was like he was right in front of me. I didn't really pay it any attention until the voice changed to a much younger male reciting the Catholic prayer of "Our Father". I immediately stopped the movie but the voice kept on going so I turned off the laptop and ran to my room with my heart pounding like crazy! I've never been so terrified in my life.

Since that night I don't go downstairs by myself when it's really late. For some reason I'm scared to touch the laptop even after my uncle had it reprogrammed. And I've also been sleeping with my Bible since that night. I am terrified beyond words. I can't even take a shower during daytime without opening the curtains just to make sure nobody's there! Can anyone help me out?

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