Pondering The Truth

by KadieLynn

I live in a small town with a little more then 6,000 people in it. I've always believed in things that others thought weren't real or didn't exist, but now I know differently.

I've always felt as if I was being watched by someone or something. And it wasn't just a normal feeling where you know you're being watched, it was that the feeling of the gaze itself left a burning feeling on my skin.

I've always felt like a stranger in my own life, like there was so much more there that I didn't see or understand. I've gotten the feeling that the people in my life that I call my family are people I don't even know. Sometimes it's just a feeling of being lost.

I have always wondered if there was more to me and my family that I didn't know of or understand, in some way when I get the feeling of the gaze burning I always look around trying to find out if I can find out what it is but I'm still looking for the answers to the questions I have and I guess I'm going to have to keep searching til I find out what the hell is really going on.

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