Possessed By A Ghost

by Not

When I was 11 I had a new born baby niece. It was fun, I would feed her, play with her and give her baths. My brother, who is the father of my niece found an apartment to live in. Around a month of them living there, my niece would wake up every night and hide in the farthest corner of her crib. My brother thought there was a ghost or something in her room, and scaring her. We weren't sure if that was true or not but we decided to just leave it because it was probably just her having nightmares, right? WRONG!

Around two months later I, my family, went to visit them in their small apartment. I went to her room by myself to get some toys for my niece and I to play with. I went into her room, and closed the door behind me. When I turned around there was an glowing outline of a lady with a rope around her neck. I was scared, but when I turned around to open the door it was locked. The light started flickering, then they turned off. When they turned back on the closet door was opened and the ghost lady with the rope was hanging inside the closet by the rope around her neck.

I was terrified, I tried opening the door but it was still locked. The lights turned off then turned back on again. The ghost lady was walking towards me, then she went inside of me. I didn't think anything of it, I actually thought it was nothing.

I walked out of the room with some toys and started playing with my niece. Halfway through playing with her I felt myself trying to be controlled by something, I just pushed it down. After I did that my body was controlled, I could only see and hear. I started talking with no control, "You will not survive here, I will kill you like you killed me, slow and painful. I will kill every last family member you have like you did to me." I'm pretty sure that's what I was saying, my parents were terrified of me, but what they didn't know is that it wasn't actually me.

I got kicked out of my house, into foster care. I kept having those moments where I was being controlled. I also found out that my parents both died, my mom was in the bath tub and my dad was working in the forest with a chainsaw. They both died in separate months, I can't stop feeling like I'm the cause for my families deaths.

Here I am now, with only a brother, one grandparent and two uncles left in my family. I still get controlled sometimes. I have a feeling I'll be without family soon, I got out of foster care two years ago and am terrified to the bone. Sometimes I don't sleep at night but I'll make it through, maybe.

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