by Sapper Doc

So I know a lot of people probably get them, I'm just trying to figure out why, so a little background on me, I'm 20 years old and I'm a combat medic in the army, I am currently in Afghanistan.

So I've had several near death experiences in my life, not exaggerating either, experiences that would leave me in the hospital, and was wondering if near death experiences can help yield paranormal activity. I would dream about these events before they happened and would forget them just to have them come true.

The most recent is that I'm a part of a combat engineer platoon and what we do is go down routes and look for IED's so we're looking for the one thing that 99% of the military avoids. Well I had a dream 4 months ago that we got hit and one of our trucks got blown up, and we took casualties. Sure enough 2 months later we got blown up and took casualties and I watched my best friend die in front of me, as all of the events unfolded I started to remember that it took place just like it did in my dream.

I've been having premonitions ever since I was about 7. Another kicker, I stepped on an IED but didn't know it until we came back to our trucks and started clearing again which at that point blew up under a truck. This has happened 3 other times that I've stepped on IED's all with pressure plates designed to blow at the weight of a soldier. Not sure if it is all my life's luck being used, or someone is looking out for me.

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