Pulled By The Devil

by kanely
(Newberg, OR, USA)

It was windy night me and my mom were watching "The Grudge". I was scared so my mom told me not to watch it because I would get scary dreams.

The movie ended I went to sleep in my room while my mom was still watching the movie. I could hear it all the way in my room. It was about 11:32 when I fell asleep.

My dreams were horrible. I started dreaming of The Grudge. It started like a movie, dark in a room locked with something you can't see but you can feel. The clock hit 3:12.

Suddenly something pulled my feet. I fell off my bed and looked around knowing that it wasn't anybody at my house. I always lock my door to my room. My blanket fell off my bed. I was really scared. My mom had already left to work at 2:15. I heard the door shut so I was sure my mom wasn't home. I was alone with something, something that then whispered in my ear "It will all be fine just come with me."

I screamed. Terrified, I tried to breathe but I couldn't. I felt like I wanted to sleep all of a sudden I'm on the ground unconscious. Luckily my mom came home and I was taken to the hospital. The good thing is that I'm alive.

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