Pulled My Foot

by Ashtin T.
(Washington State)

I use to live with my Nama, (Grandma.) Along with my mother. We had lost our home, and were struggling at the time for a place to stay. So my Nana decided to take us under her wing. Mind you, I was around the age twelve at the time. Now I am sixteen.

Well my Nana lived in a fairly small house-- two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one story. Me and my mother got the extra room in the house. We had a queen sized bed in there-- and a laptop. Everything else in there was boxes for storage. The laptop was at the very end of the bed.

And well, my Nana still held my Great Grandmas-- and Great Grandpa's ashes in the house at the time, and had not put them to rest in a graveyard. And one night I stayed up really late on the laptop, talking to friends and what not, before I sluggishly went to bed.

I crawled into bed, getting comfy next to my mother. The heavy blanket pulled over me-- but my feet sticking out from the blankets, off the end of the bed a little. I didn't mind this at the time, and grew to go into a faint slumber, still partly awake. When something, GRABBED my right foot (Ankle part.) And pulled lightly. Something seriously PULLED my foot. I even jerked up, my arms propping me up to look below me-- I saw nothing. I even woke my mother next to me and told her, not sure if she believed me or not. But something really, pulled my foot.

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