Purple Monster

by Ruberaqua

My daughter, age 5, says she has a purple monster in her room. It has one larger central eye and two smaller eyes on these horn or tentacle things....5 year old sketch is hard to interpret.

She says it's furry and she holds her hands about nine inches tall when I ask for a height. She tells me it makes a bunch of black things that scare her. My daughter talks openly but tears up about the black things when she talks.

It stays in only one room of the house and makes noise. We have talked about real versus pretend and she insists this is real. It has been going on for almost a year and I'm looking for answers.

I don't feel anything in the house that is creepy, however, since we have moved here 3 years ago, I feel like I've been sick all the time. My son and I have both been hospitalized. I had something that looked like heat stroke but remains unidentified. My son who is diabetic for over 10 years had a insulin overdose that he struggled to recover from... first hospitalization for such a thing. I had an abscess tooth....but no cavity. We've had constant viruses to the point I've become a germ freak when I'm out. I also get lots of headaches. No illness or headaches to speak of prior to moving.

I don't know if these two things are related but I thought I might point them out in case it gives a clue. Any serious suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

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