by Raj

There was once stories circulating in a village located in the jungle about a man who can change into any animal he desires. Livestock and children kept disappearing everyday and this 'creature' was blamed. In this village gold miners often passed through.

It happened that one day a group of miners who were gambling with gold and also drinking began to argue. One of them claimed that he could transform to any animal he desired. The others did not believe his claim. They laid all their gold on the table and demanded he prove it. To their shock the man began to transform from his human self to a rabbit like creature. The men were so scared that they forgot about the bet, and instead proceeded to beat the creature with their machetes. It quickly died. Of course they took pictures of the creature. I saw it myself and I swear it was not photoshopped.

This picture was so scary that I considered it bad luck to keep it so I deleted it. It showed a miner holding holding a human like rabbit by its large ears. The creature was bloody from its beatings. Within a week all the persons involved in killing the creature and also some villagers who were said to witness the killing, all died mysteriously. The entire villager eventually learned about what occurred and they all believe it. I do too.

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