Rather Annoying Really

by Kaitlyn

This is the sort of house I live in (not actually my house though)

This is the sort of house I live in (not actually my house though)

Basically, I moved into a new house two months ago with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. It's a fairly old house and has a really cosy, warm feeling to it. It's lovely. Even though there is some paranormal activity.

Example 1: I was making a sandwich and went to get the jam out of the fridge (opposite from where I was making the sandwich) and when I got back the butter knife I'd been using had moved next to the sink, and I know I left it on top of the sandwich, because I was going to wipe off the butter and use it for the jam.

Example 2: Ghostly giggling. At first I thought this was my irritating brother, but it was also happening when I was alone in the house. I wasn't bothered. I thought that if it was a ghost, then it can't have been a bad one because the dog didn't seem to mind, which brings me to...

Example 3: The Dog. Our garden is partitioned into three bits. One bit is fenced off so the dog can run around but won't ruin the main garden. The other has a vegetable patch and the other is just normal garden with a nice big oak in it. Now, one day I was sunbathing, and the dog started jumping. She is a bouncy dog and she cleared the fence no trouble and rushed to the oak. She sat down and start staring at the tree branches. I thought there was a cat but when I got up there was nothing to be seen. Not a bird, cat or stranger in the branches at all. The dog wouldn't let me drag it away, but a few minutes later just wandered off over to me.

Example 4: Keys, the television remotes and various other stuff keep disappearing and stuff and coming back later on. For instance, I searched high and low for my TV remote that controlled my TV in my room and I was now where to be found in the house. After I had looked downstairs AGAIN I came back up and the TV remote was right were I'd already checked thoroughly. It wasn't covered and was in the middle of the floor.

Now, I did some research into these ghostly goings-on and according to my neighbours there was a teenage boy who lived at my house and liked to go around teasing and pranking people. As far as they remember his name was Tom (I found some pictures in the attic I think might be of him. He had light brown hair, blue eyes and liked shorts) and he got into a 'bad crowd' and was found in a pond a few months later, drowned.

Nobody knows WHY he died, but a lot of people suspected Samuel from down the road, who was the leader of the 'bad crowd'. But he wasn't convicted because as far as the neighbours remember he had an airtight alibi. Apparently he still lives in the same house and I can tell you I hope I don't meet him as he doesn't sound very nice. Aggressive. I estimate he'd be around twenty-four, as he was around fourteen and possibly killed Tom 10 years ago. I suppose he could be in prison though, because he might have committed a crime in ten years.

Now, I was wondering, if this ghost is Tom then how should I help him? Because, even though I like him (he seems to have a good sense of humour :) ) he's getting on my nerves. If he has to move stuff then move my brother Finn's stuff around. Could I try to communicate with him? Ask him to stop moving and hiding my belongings? Also, I don't want a ghost of a teenage boy watching me get changed (I'm pretty sure this is not a residual haunting and if he wanted to, he could, and I'd be none the wiser!). It's not a nice idea. I don't particularly want to get rid of him for good (unless he asks in someway) because, as I say, he seems pretty nice.

Thanks for reading my problem. By the way my name's Kaiyln and I'm 14 :) x

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