Real or Just Dreams?

by james

The first time this happened to me was about 6 months ago. I started dating this girl and about 1 month later that's when it happened. She stayed the night one night. I slept on the couch and she slept on the floor. When I fell asleep I was having a really good dream but all of a sudden I got this god awful fear come over me. My heart started beating so fast that my ear drums were popping with every beat. I opened my eyes slowly and turned my head and my girlfriend was standing over me and was whispering in some weird language.

I couldn't tell if I was awake, dreaming or in between, but it seemed so real so I tried to stick my arm out and tell her to stop, but I felt to weak and could barely lift my arm. By that time she takes 2 steps and disappears, then it was a big relief.

I looked on the floor where she was sleeping and she was there so I thought it was over, but it wasn't. When I looked straight she was sitting at my feet then that same rush of fear came over me again and my eyes got as wide as baseballs. She started whispering the same thing she did before, but this time she tried to grab me. I tried to beg her to stop and reach for her but couldn't. I fell back down and passed out.

So after that night I don't know what it was cause she was a really nice girl, but after that night something forced me away from her and every since we broke up I've been having the same problem. I either see this black figure that looks like a woman, a big black bird, or I just have that fear come over me and I can't move. But I figured out when I get that god awful fear and my heart starts beating really fast, about 3 seconds later it happens.

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