Red Coat Ghost

by Poltergeist

I used to live in England and one day I went to my granny's ancient colonial house with my mom and brother. Bored out of our minds we decided to play hide and seek.

We flipped a coin and my brother was "it". I decided to hide in a secret passage that led out on the other side of the street. While hiding I saw what appeared to be the air shimmering. I presumed it was a trick of the light. Only thing it was pitch black!

Continuing to hide I suddenly got very cold and heard a voice scream "GET AWAY RUN!" Terrified I tried to escape but then saw a red coat soldier leading people away from the house. Surprisingly I heard a gunshot and the red coat apparition disappeared, but left behind a strange red cape.

Ever since then I can see ghosts though they don't notice me, usually. My question is what was that cape? And why can I see ghosts now?

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