Red Eyed Man

by Jessica

Hi my name is Jessica I'm a 11 years old who is able to see and hear things. (Ghost)

I was over at my grandma house and it was around 11pm. My gran was at the shed working on some things. I was watching TV. When my TV show was over I went over to the shed to see what she was doing. She told me the door was banging and closing by itself. There was no wind at that time. When I back of the door it did clang clang to the wall.

I was freaked out and my gran was too. So I went and just stood outside. That's when the
door closed by itself. My gran was inside still and she couldn't get it open; someone was
holding it. When she finally opened it she was so freaked out. I looked up into the darkness and saw a man pass by. His eyes were red.

I told my gran what I saw, but she got so freaked out that she stopped doing the work and she started praying.

After that we went to sleep.

From that day on I haven't seen the man but I believe it was a demon. I got more stories that I
will share next time.

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