Red Thing in the Sky?

by Seasonstar

I honestly have no idea what it was. At first I thought something caught flame in the sky because all the police have had their searchlights out on the night sky the past couple of months for no obvious reason at all. All I know is that they didn't have the searchlights out there for festive reasons.

By the way it moved and followed things in the sky - I knew they were searching for something - but I didn't know what.

At nearly midnight; 11:45 almost to the dot - I went upstairs to let my cat Simon in. I look up at the sky and I see this red glowing object in the sky. At first it looked like it was falling, but then it stopped and then did all these weird small movements.

At first I thought also that something was on fire and that we were about to have a plane crash or something - but no. As I watched, I began to realize that the light was too much on the red side and too consistent to be flames - (i.e. it wasn't flickering.)

As I watched, it seemed to go dim - as if going either further away or the light was slowly diminishing. I'm still not positive, but it looked like a red hot coal that started to cool and become black or something. I also noticed that it looked like it was getting smaller, as if it were moving away somehow.

You might be saying "It might have been some bozo flying a toy helicopter with red lights at night", but it wasn't. I swear to you - it was something else. It might have been extra terrestrial, or it might have been something else entirely that the world has yet to discover.
The reasons behind my thinking are - it was way too high up in the sky to have been something like a toy helicopter. Any angle I look at it - it was too big, too differently shaped, and not at all any hoax I've ever seen. I've heard of metallic balloons reflecting colored lights from flashlights - weather balloons, helicopters, and so many more I don't care to name them all. I've also done extensive research on each of these - and there was nothing about this sighting that my mind can connect to any previous hoax.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of those people who go around screaming "Aliens are real, and I'll find everything to prove the government wrong!" Not at all. However, when I was a child (about seven at the time) I had never believed in extra terrestrials. Yet when I was seven - in the night sky - I saw a cluster of strange lights that looked to shape a triangle that flew over my house before disappearing. Ever since then I've believed- but haven't done much about it, or really done too much in order to prove that belief.

I've also done research tonight before I wrote this on possible leads that it could have been. I have thus far found none of these possible leads to be what I saw.

Comment if you will- I'd like any advice on what this may have been. I take any and all opinions.

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