Relative Went Missing

by Don

I would like to find out any information possible on this subject. I had a cousin who was into this vampire lifestyle, she went missing in the fall of 2010, our family has located authorities, sent out search parties and posted APBs. After all of this we still have not found any clues to her whereabouts or if she is still alive. We have not given up hope just yet, we will continue to look for her until we find an explanation.

The clues left behind were insignificant, it seems that she just up and left town. But we know that is not the case because Melissa is not the type to disappear and not keep in touch. Now mind you this has been almost 2 years now and still not a word. However, the local detectives in cooperation with the FBI collected her personal items including her laptop. They have not given us any answers as to what was on her browsing history, saved in her files or any activity pertaining to her disappearance. If only I had the opportunity to investigate her laptop myself, I am sure I would have seen something that they may have overlooked.

But what brings me here, her brother found this exact poem in its Latin version printed out on a piece of paper folded up amongst her things, which the detectives did not assume relevant. After receiving the text message from my cousin, Melissa's brother, I asked him to make me a copy. When I picked it up yesterday I thought it was an old wives tale or superstition of some sort, but today I decided to type some of the passages into bing search and it brought me here.

Now I know this seems a bit farfetched, but this is my last resort in attempts to find her. I do not believe nor do I disbelieve in other beings/entities living on this earth, I am pretty logical and pragmatic. With that said, I doubt she was abducted or turned by a 'vampire' as I said I do not believe, nor do I disbelieve in them. But, logically speaking, she apparently went onto this website or a similar one, found this 'spell' and printed it out in hopes of meeting/becoming a vampire, however I know this is not the case so, I believe that she was abducted, murdered etc. by someone posing as a vampire. If they are real and do exist, I believe she was deceived into believing she was going to become a vampire but became a meal instead.

Anyways, if anyone here can think of anything or knows of Melissa Paige Kaszecki and her whereabouts, please contact me.

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