Repeating Dream - Can't Make Any Sense of It

by Terry
(United States)

I'm a skeptic and used to be a rabid atheist, but I had this dream several years ago and I've been having the same dream over and over again - each time more vivid than the last, to the point that it's beginning to scare me a little. Laugh if you want, but here goes:

I'm completely naked, and I'm gripping the dirt in total, black despair - I'm crying uncontrollably, with howling wind and stinging rain in a totally black night (in this dream, I could actually feel my emotions and even the rain and wind).

I'm at the edge of an ever blacker abyss, with nowhere to run. There is thunder and lightning above - I use all my strength to look up, and I can see something form in the sky.

Ever notice that clouds can form shapes? Well, the clouds start to form into a skull, which is staring at me in the sky with utter malice and disgust. I then look at my hands, and *they're starting to rot!!!* The skull is starting to rush towards me and opens its mouth wide to devour me, and I lay there, thinking, "Please take me, please take me, I'm worth nothing and nothing can help me..."

I then (totally strange and I can't understand it at all!!) feel so happy that I could cry - that kind of joy that comes for no reason at all - I look behind myself (by this point I'm almost completely rotten) and there is (okay, laugh now) a unicorn that is so devastatingly beautiful that it hurts to even picture it in my mind. It had a shimmering rainbow aura, and the strange part was that it was translucent - and every time it's heart beat, it was pulsing light.

Many people depict unicorns as "dinky white horses with horns" - this one was quite small, but it was way more beautiful and fantastically strange than what it's normally drawn as.

It was walking towards me, bracing itself against the wind and rain. The skull shrieks at it, and fire and lightning comes out of its mouth - but, the unicorn keeps walking because its aura shields it from harm.

It now stands in front of me, and raises its head, looking the skull in its black-hole eyes. The unicorn lets out a (strange again) a powerful roar like a lion's that shakes the whole ground - but not that you could hear normally, almost telepathically. The skull then rushes towards me with terrifying speed, but just before it can devour me, the unicorn raises its horn (which again was strange - it wasn't something exactly that someone could touch, but more like a swirling beacon of blinding light) and stabs the skull right in the mouth.

The last things I remember are a hellish shriek and blinding light because the skull is getting destroyed, and then I'm completely healed with the dawn sun rising in the sky and even a rainbow beginning to streak, with the unicorn gone - but feeling that same joy that let me know it was there.

Okay, like I said, I'm a skeptic, but this dream has happened too many times for me to ignore it.

There are other odd things that are happening more and more frequently (seeing the number 11, for example) - in fact, too many to even list here.

If someone knows something about what happened or dreams, please comment below. I thank everyone for their knowledge and advice in advance.

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