Revenge of the Zombie Cat

by amy barnett

I never liked my cat Poppy. Although last year when (the year's currently 2013) she got hit by a car and died, I cried and really missed her. I thought that was it, I would never see her again.

The next month I got a tabby named Lily. I loved Lily (well I still do) and one night I heard meowing. Lily was asleep on my chest, so it wasn't her. I looked out my window, and in the moonlight I saw a cat bleeding and it only had 1 ear left.

"Poppy? Oh no!" I whispered to myself. I fell asleep dreaming about Poppy killing me and Lily. The next morning, Lily was outside with a massive cut through her stomach and her head was on the floor next to her! I couldn't scream, as I was scared senseless. So it wasn't a dream!

The next morning I went round my friend Sarah's house. I explained about Poppy and Lily. Sarah said she had the exact same experience when her cat Meo died, Meo came back next month and killed all of Sarah's hamsters. We went on the internet and found out Poppy turned into a Zombie cat, out to kill other pets, children, and teens.

The next night I screamed as Poppy suddenly leapt onto my face.

"Poppy!Get-" I never finished because I died.

So watch out...

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