The Demon Ronove

aka: Roneve, Ronové, Ronwe, Ronobe, Ronoben
Rank: Marquis & Count
Legions: 20
Strongest: Beginning of August
Demon Summoning: Daytime, purple candles, cinnamon, fire

However you pronounce his name, Ronove is one of the more interesting demons in my opinion. He is highly aware of the attention that demons are given by humans and is welcoming to those who wish to know more about the demon world. He has stated to multiple conjurers that instead of trying to pronounce his name (which at best attempt is a French version of "Ron-Ven"), he suggests that conjurers simply call him "Ben".

It comes as no surprise that "Ben" has a good sense of humor. He specializes in using the power of language to improve one's standings with both friend and enemies. He is a master of multiple languages and teaches others how to make their arguments peacefully, logically, and with great eloquence. Ronove also provides his favorite summoners with familiars - spirit helpers who can assist with magical teachings and exercises.

Despite his good nature, Ronove is no passive spirit. He is a master of using the mind to affect the physical world. He is a master of fire and can crate and move the power of the flame with only his mind. Not only this, he holds the power of telekinesis - the ability to move physical objects without touching them, and can teach this to summoners, though he will only do so to those most dedicated to his cause.

Both a Marquis and a Count among his fellow demons, Ronove is known as the "Taker of Old Souls". His role is somewhat like what we know as the "grim reaper" - he harvests the souls of humans and animals who are old and on the far reaches of death itself. Even though he is known as a "nice guy" with a good sense of humor, Ronove takes this role seriously and considers himself very much a champion of the dead and nearly-deceased.

Old images of Ronove show him as a short demon/monster holding a staff. Those who have encountered him report that he looks more like a tribal warrior, with golden hair and a golden aura about him.

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