Running Away From Cut-Off Heads and Other Extreme Sports

by Maxine
(Russia, Moscow)

I was sixteen at that time. This story is very creepy and it might have happened to a lot of other people. I don’t care if someone says that it’s not true, because I saw what I saw.

It all started when I came to visit my friends in Turkey, Istanbul. They live in a big house and the fence of that house was broken, so two people have to sleep on the benches with a telephone, outside, so no drunken people or robbers get in until they finish fixing the fence.

There is also a very crazy old woman in the house opposite of them. She always moves her hands as if there is a kitten on her lap and she is petting it and mumbling words to it. I looked closer, and found out there was nothing. Poor woman. She must have had a cat and it died, so now it's her habit.

One night I volunteered to keep watch outside. At first their mother said "NO WAY", but then I talked her into letting me, one way or another. Before she let me go, she said that her oldest daughter, Suzanne, had to come with me. Yes, yes, I might be a little short for my age, but I am not weak and scared!

I stretched out on the bench, reaching for the phone, for once thinking that it was a normal bed with normal sheets and all, but the stars reminded me I was outside. My brown and blond hair fell in my face a couple of times, and it was very annoying. Suzanne was sleeping on a bench next to mine and she snored a lot. I just thought about throwing my pillow in her face when something soft rubbed against my foot. At first I thought it was a cat, but then I realized that the fur was too rough. Maybe a little dog? I slightly kicked it.

"Go! Go...!" I hissed.

It rolled away. Wait a second! "Rolled"?! It must be limping or something, but I confused it in the darkness. But then I saw her and my nightmare begun...

"Come back here!" The crazy grandma yelled. Her eyes were bloodshot, her hair white and stuck out everywhere. I thought I was gonna faint, because she didn't have any legs! The weird animal rolled away. Then she was gone.

The next day I asked my friends about her. One of them laughed and said that this grandma spent three years in a nuthouse. They said that one night she cut her husband's head off and when the cops arrived, she was holding his head in her hands, petting it, and talking to it. When the grandma got out of the nuthouse, some people say she died, but here she is! Maybe she did die...

Were the head and the grandma ghosts? Tell me!

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