The Demon Samigina

aka Gamigin, Gamygin, Gamigm
Rank: Marquise
Legions: 30
Strongest: Early April
Summon: Daytime, black candles, gold, juniper (plant)

A daytime demon who teaches others in the liberal sciences, Marquise Samigina (also known as Gamigin, Gamygin, or Gamigm) has two demon forms. The first is that of a donkey and the other is that of a stout man with a gruff appearance and an even gruffer voice. What makes this more interesting is that Samigina's "true" human form is undoubtedly female. As with most of the fallen angels, this Marquise has a pair of wings in her true form and is said to have very dark, almost black eyes.

Though a fine teacher of the humanities, Samigina is rarely summoned for this purpose. It is another power that she is sought after for - a power that few other demons are either able or willing to share. Samigina can tell the summoner the status of those who have died and passed onto another plane of existence.

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