Sanguine Night

The moon was out, a full moon, and the stars were bright, so it was a pretty light night. I felt quite safe, and my blankets secured my body. However, not all was well. It all began with the dogs.

Perhaps animals can sense the spirit world better than we can. I don't know. But at two in the morning they all started howling and barking, creating a terrible racket that awoke me right away. After trying to shut the dogs up by shouting at them never worked, I decided to investigate myself. Outside, my dogs were howling at a strange figure that was seemingly talking to my sister. The ghostly being was not too concerned about the dogs, but it saw me right away. Its face twisted into something akin to a sneer, and when she saw me, my sister simply smiled a most sanguine smile. Her eyes were as bright blue, which was strange since they were usually a dull brown.

With that eery smile on her face, she simply waved. There was a terrible sound that filled the air. As I winced, they both disappeared. I looked for my sister, but I have never found her since that day. My parents think she ran away, and I am not prepared to tell them the truth. Not yet.

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