Sanguine Vampire

by Apos
(Decatur, GA USA)

To help you understand my motivations and convictions I'll tell you about my past first before the present.

My religion has rules for everything in life helping me be disciplined. I've practiced martial arts for about four years now. I also meditate regularly and practice opening my third eye using "beating the heavenly drums" and meditation. I'm very mentally disciplined and in for the most part control of my emotions. I'm actively trying to attain a higher level of mental and physical control over myself than I ever have before. I don't want to be walking around not in control of my acts and thoughts. I haven't experienced many supernatural or paranormal things in my 17 years. Everything I have seen and heard is too short and unscary to waste time posting on here.

I found this website yesterday 3-6-12 while searching about demons. In the vampire section of this website I saw the poem "Ode To The Vampire Mother". At first I didn't read it out loud because I had read the warning, but then I told myself the only power this has over me is the power I give it. So as to not let a scary warning rule my life I read the poem in Latin and English out loud twice. A little later on I started doing a little deep thinking and realized that I wanted to be a vampire! I read a comment in the true story section that contained a "spell" to turn you into a vampire "blood red, pale skin, moon light, draw me in, quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain". I then immediately repeated this out loud ten times.

I've seen other stories about people asking for help after reading the spell. I think they are weak, if they didn't want to be a vampire they should have kept their mouth shut. Now that they are turning into vampires they should just man/woman up and deal with it. To get something you want you have to sacrifice something you love. I'm ready to sacrifice anything except my religion and my ideals to get what I want.

So later yesterday on my way home the pinky and knuckle of my right hand which I had injured in private kung fu class Sunday got very cold and stopped being sore. Late last night at 11:40 I started using a mantra to get me in the zone,"I will be firm and fearless". Then at twelve o'clock sharp I repeated the Blood red spell at least 20 times, after 20 I stopped counting. I then unlocked my window, cracked it some and then tried to go to sleep (it was a little hard...)and now at 7:23 in the morning I'm typing this.

In case the spells I used doesn't work does anyone know other spells to become a sanguine vampire? Also are there any clans in Georgia I could join if I did turn into a vampire?

A VERY determined person,

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