Scare School

by becca !!!

Okay this happened to me yesterday in my art class...

We were making life size people out of duct tape and put them somewhere in the school. My project partner Rija and I decided to make The Ring girl and we wanted to put her in the school art display case. We were going to get her eye out of the next room over (which has like 15 feet of brick between it and my art class) when I heard something like a stool screeching across the floor. I just ignored it at first because it didn't sound like much (by the way no one was in the dark room with us). We heard it two more times before it started getting louder like it was right beside us. Rija freaked out and ran and was quickly followed by me!

Later Rija, my friend Liz, and I were talking about it. We told Liz all about it and she told us that almost every teacher has heard things at night and she has even heard things once she was in the bathroom and no one else was there. She was doing her make up when suddenly the toilet flushed and there were footsteps like someone was walking out yet no one was there.

Now Rija and I had put our ring girl up and her back is perfectly straight. We have rulers holding her up so she wont bend and she is stuffed with papers from the recycling.

Well when we went to look at her again she was moved. Her back was bent forward and to the side and her arms bent a different way. It scared us to pieces because we had been joking earlier about it coming alive.

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