Scariest Dream I've Ever Had

by becca !!!

Okay so this was one of my worst nightmares...

It started with me standing by a train and I really didn't want to get on but someone behind me kept pushing me to the train and yelled at me to get on. My mother yelled from the house to come in quick. I tried my hardest to get anyone from this man pushing me, but he just wouldn't let me go.

When I finally got away I ran back to the house only to have him follow me (he looked mad) so I ran into the living room with the rest of my family (and I mean all of my family all 8 aunts even my dead aunt was there and 3 uncles and most of my cousins except two) everyone looked really scared I hid under the table with my cousin Janessa (she is my best friend out of all of my cousins she is the only one close to my age).

We hugged each other when that man came he started chopping into my family with an ax yelling "they don't need you anymore!" I cried but none of them ran for their lives. They just stood there in front of the table like a human wall.

When they were finally all dead he stepped over them and yanked me and my cousin out from under the table. He dragged us outside where he had a huge black horse waiting. Its flesh was coming off and it looked pissed at the world. I started screaming for him to leave me alone and I tried to get away from him.

I pushed my cousin away from him and screamed to run and she did. He did some strange howl and she just suddenly fell to the ground. He then turned around to face me and slapped me across the face.

I woke up then and I shot up right. My cheek hurt really bad and my leg looked like it had been dragged on the road. I realized my dog probably was scratching my leg, that's when I froze and realized two things: my dog had a stroke and was at the vet now and my window was open (when I never ever unlock it although my sister does open it from time to time idk)

I'm not sure what happened that night but now I have a wood block in my window so it doesn't open anymore.

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