School Ghost

by racingunicorn653

I won't tell you the name of my high school but its new toilets are badly haunted. They were built on the site of the original school gym in the 1910s and there are two separate legends.

The first one is about a girl who was murdered there. She was a 17 year old who was killed by some weirdo kid who bullied some other kid and she stood up to him. After school finished she was finishing a project and he grabbed a knife from the DT and killed her with it. She locked herself in a toilet cubicle and cried with pure terror as he crept in with the knife shouting "Frankie, Frankie I know you're in here!!!"

I thought that one was an urban legend til I heard the rumours - apparently when they were digging up the foundations they uncovered a girl's body... decomposed of course but with long wavy red hair still attached...

I was in the toilet before form one morning when I heard a girl crying. I said to the cubicle "you ok??" No answer so I shrugged and washed my hands. Then the door opened (the doors are really squeaky so it makes a loud grating noise loud enough to wake the dead!) It slammed against the wall making cubicles all shudder. I turned around and began to say "geezzz don't get all wor-" but I was talking to an empty cubicle. I was dumb-struck. There is no way anyone could run that fast out of the toilet.

The worst thing was the silence that followed. I felt like I was being watched. I started shaking violently. The tension to so thick, then these girls came in causing me to jump, but even as I walked out I felt scared. I talked to my friend about it and she said that she felt the same thing, but as she said the same terror look came in her eyes (I think she had a worse experience).

The second legend is about a headmistress who went mad and shoved 5 naughty school-girls up the fan cutting them to bits. My friend Cassie told me that you can't go in the two cubicles of the changing rooms because that's where their bodies were dumped down the toilet. Me and Mel and Ruby and my two other friends didn't believe her so she took us to the toilet to see the fan. As we were about to walk in the toilet the lights went off and we all heard a scream so we all ran while tripping over bags in the process (the last legend took place in the girls changing rooms which are from the 1940s.)

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