Schoolgirl Suicide

by Abirami
(Penang, Malaysia)

My name is Abirami. I'm from a famous secondary school in Penang. Most people know that my school is famous for its high achievements in academics and co-curricular activities, but they do not know one thing that we know is happening in our school.

My school is being haunted. It has been 100 years since my school was built. There is a story that has been passed by my teacher who has been teaching there for more than 20 years. The story is that a girl who has been so depressed after her boyfriend left her committed suicide from the clock tower in my school. The clock tower is now closed and no one is allowed to go in. It has been many years that the clock tower is not fixed.

Actually, my friends and I did not believe these stories as we thought it was all not true, but one day it all proved to be true when my friend experienced the existence of the ghost by herself.

It was Teacher's Day celebration so we thought of putting a banner on top of the clock tower. To do so we needed to get in and on top of the clock tower. I let my friend get in first as she is more daring and I followed behind her. At half of the way up the stairs I realized that I left my files downstairs. I went down to get back my files leaving my friend to go alone.

Soon after I heard a scream. I rushed back upstairs and saw my friend laying down unconscious. For a day or two she was not talking to me as usual, then after some time she started to act normal and she told me what happened that day.

As she was going up alone she saw a shady shadow of a figure which seemed like a girl from the corner of her eyes. Suddenly she felt a creepy kind of feeling so she decided to go back down but before that she heard a voice of a girl yelling loudly to her to get out. She was in panic and turn back and saw a scary figure which she will never forget in her life. She screamed in fear and fainted down.

After listening to her I felt lucky that I was not in her place that day. I swear I will never go near that clock tower ever again.

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