by Emily

When Kylie was a little girl, she would always hear a scratching sound on her windows or door.

She would always call: "Mommy! Something is scratching at my window!"

And her mom would always reply: "Honey, it's your imagination!"

Then Kylie would fall asleep and hear the scratching in her dreams, but she was sorta used to it do that it wouldn't scare her whenever she heard it, but it still bothered her.

As Kylie grew older, the scratching happened less and less frequently, and soon, she forgot about it.

When she was 21,she moved out on her own. On the first night in her small, one story house, she heard the scratching again, and screamed out of terror.

"It's back!"

She looked out the window and saw the most terrifying thing she could ever see, her father, who had died when she was 5. He was staring in at her, with a devilish smile on his face. "Kylie Bear, don't think that I won't always find you"
And with that, he disappeared.

But he always did find her. When she got married, he was there. When she had her first child, he was right there, and she never knew.

It was right before she died that her father showed up to her. "I told you I'd always find you."

And with that he took her soul with him to Hell.

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