by Alli

I've always believed that there was something wrong with my brain, like a disease or a mental illness and I thought that maybe that related to everything that happened to me, but now I'm not so sure.

My mum and I both believe in ghosts and paranormal things and have believed for a long time that there's a ghost in our house. A couple of creepy things happened to me (like feelings of being watched, things moving, finding objects I was looking for in random places only after I'd started crying, things like that) and so I told mum and she said that before we lived here it used to be a farm.

She met the old woman who used to live here and she said that her husband died in this house and after which she left, because she couldn't handle it.

We went back to ask her more a couple months later, but she had died.

So back story out of the way, here's a few of my paranormal encounters:

I have two dogs and a cat, so when I heard scratching outside my door I didn't think anything of it. I opened my door to let whichever animal it was in, but there was nothing there. My mum was coming up the stairs, so I asked her if she'd seen our dog in the house or something, but she hadn't. When I checked outside all of the animals were sleeping on the patio.

Another time I was sitting in my room and the door had been closed for hours without any problem. When I was little my door used to creak open all the time, even if you'd closed it properly, but it doesn't anymore. I heard the door to the bathroom open and just as it did my door slammed back into the wall to reveal my mum coming out of the bathroom. We both looked at each other so confused and there's now a mark on my wall where the handle hit.

I had my dogs in my room, but they're not usually allowed inside, so when my dog, Rocky, started barking I freaked out, thinking I'd get in trouble for having them there, so I investigated what he was barking at. In my closet was a big pile of clothes. I thought that maybe there was a rat or a cockroach under it so I carefully moved things aside. I finally got the bottom of the pile and underneath everything was a helmet I'd had when I was a kid. I picked it up and moved it towards Rocky. He whimpered and backed away. He then started barking again and wouldn't stop until I physically shoved his face into it and even then he ran away from it and hasn't gone near it since.

Another thing that happened was I woke up with a long stretch of black across my stomach that looked like a bruise. My mum thought that it was from the dress I had been wearing the night before, but it was only around my waist and wouldn't wash off.

And finally my favourite and probably the most creepy to experience. I woke up one Saturday morning (which was strange in it's own right, since it was before 10) and usually when I do I go straight downstairs, but I felt this need to look in the mirror. I don't even remember getting up and walking and it was like my brain cut out. It didn't start working again until I looked in the mirror and my eyes went wide at what I saw.

On my neck were three red scratches, all lined up under each other like nails. At first glance they just looked like marks I might've acquired from the sheets, but they were bumpy like scars and I don't sleep on the side they were on. I was a little freaked out and decided that I would tell mum when she got home, but when I checked on them a few hours later, thinking that I might need to put a bandaid on them or something, they were gone.

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