Screams From the Past

by Sammi
(south williamsport, p.a., united states)

My Mom tells me I'm fourth generation witch (which I still doubt she was telling the truth but it still sounds cool) and that she sees ghosts and wouldn't be surprised if I did either.

I think my scariest story out of my many ghostly encounters (I actually have seen plenty of ghosts in my 17 years) is one that took place a couple summers back.

It had to be around midnight and all of us kids, Nina, Troy, some kids name I don't remember, and myself were on the trampoline. This trampoline sat dangerously close to the woods, jumping up in the middle of day would usually result in hitting a thin branch and leaves falling around us. But that night we were all huddled near the edge where my Mom and Aunt Gina stood. We were begging for scary stories! Mom kept teasing us that Gina's stories were the too scary for us so being kids we had to know.

Gina gave in and told us about a Native American tribe that use to live in the forest behind us (I'm getting shivers already) that would skin the Europeans who trespassed into their land and to this day if you walk back there you can see where they lived because artifacts still laid there.

That next moment, before the story had even sunk in, the loudest bloodcurdling female scream I had ever heard to this day sounded behind us, ringing out of the woods. We all jumped and that kid whose name I still don't remember actually took off and ran home while the rest of us scooted farther away from the woods. Let's just say we didn't linger outside much longer.

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