Seaweed Pony?


Okay I am NOT making this up...

So it was mild summer day and I was on the beach and I was just having fun, playing in the waves, when this slivery flash darted in the corner of my eye. It couldn't have been my cousin Ruby who was climbing over the rocks so I just shrugged it off.

Then I saw the most gorgeous pony galloping down the beach; apple-white with a ornate bridle with reins on his face. He was soaking wet. He dropped back to a trot then a halt and stood staring straight at me. I was about to approach then something inside me told me not to. I ignored it I felt it again so I decided I should follow my instincts. I simply walked away. I sensed him pawing at the sea so I turned around and he was gone. I kept on walking.

I was on my way back I was walking with Ruby along the boardwalk. I peeped over the wall to look at the sea and there was the pony again, this time with a wild matted seaweedy green brownish mane and wild dark blue eyes with sliver in them I thought I was seeing things. Then Ruby went "OH MY GOD"! A lady walking a dog and her friend spotted it; an old man too. And a man and woman and a group of kids.

Then something strange happened. I shouted "PONEI VOLTAR A AUGA DE ONDE VEU" which is Galic. I come from Irish families, my dads side and my mums side who are half Welsh. I have been studying it since year 6. Now I am in year 8 and I know lots. I know it means "pony go back to the water from which you came".

Two days later we decided to take our ponies, Nugget and Frosty, for a ride on the same beach. With the event at the back of our minds we had fun galloping our ponies down the beach all day. I just got off and nugget who is a sandy color snorted and spooked which is unusual. Frosty also spooked just as a splash came from behind us. Nothing else happened.

I was sitting in class when my head felt itchy. I reached up I found SEAWEED??? I shudderd and threw it away (good job I was sitting in the back row). I am changing rapidly and I have just turned 12??? I can run faster and I have a obsession with water. I have become the fastest swimmer in class, I love my hair wet, and I HATE liver. I was almost sick when my grandad was cutting it. I've noticed my mother and grandad on my mums side are almost the same in fact every one along my mothers side is.

I really want to know why and what that pony was and what my family IS. My family creature is a half white and half black rearing horse with seaweed hair with a BRIDLE!!!

Recently my friend is superstitious and won't come the beach with me.

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