Seeing the Devil in Human Form

by Ashton premel
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Hi my name is Ashton if this story relates to you or concerns you in any way text me or call me to know anything, also I am a Jr. Demonologist so I know what is real from study and experience; my number is 832-293-7599.

Now I'll tell you one of my experiences of sin, a few days after my grandma Jennie passed from breast cancer on October 5, 2009; in my grandpa's house is where she passed. I went to take a bath, I was only nine back then and I didn't know much about religion.

So as I soak in the bath tub I sit up to turn the water off as in the corner of my left eye, I see a figure that seems to be wearing a blackish dirty cloth robe and had a sinful and miserable face. The figure freaked me out so bad I did not move but I did move slowly back to act like I was going to lay back down but I wasn't; soon I quicken head to face where the figure stood, or what did stand for a split second.

Although I could not see the figure fully I can still describe it, it was the Devil (ps, Satan) (AKA, Lucifer). Later that night I went to bed but my room seemed unusually colder than last time. So I checked to hall and the hall was warm, I checked the guested room next door it was warm as well, then I checked the heat and it said 75F as usual. So I went to bed.

As I fell asleep I noticed I could see my breath; and that night I dreamed of Hell. It was one of those dreams that felt real, in the dream I was floating to the gates of Hell and Satan stood above everyone burning with a book. After that I walked through Hell and saw all of it, I saw sinners not people, I saw Demons not Angels, and I wondered has anyone else had this experience.

The next morning I named the book that Satan was holding, I call it "The book of Zehen" or "the book of Satan" in a language I created called Sabbath. I'm sorry I have no pictures but the story can explain why I don't.

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