Selene Prayer Made For Me ?

by Jordan

Right this is weird for me, some people may not agree but I have a birthday coming up (18th) on June 23rd. My mum and I was looking at a calendar and noticed that my birthday lands on a full moon. Now I know some people are thinking so what many people's do! But 18th is a massive birthday.

Moving on, I have been really interested in Vampires for around 8 months now researching about them everyday, around 5 months ago I came across a poem/prayer on this website called "Ode to the vampire mother". It's said to draw vampires to you? I have been doing research on this poem and found out this poem only works on:

A full moon !!

This maybe a coincidence but it seems strange for me that I love vampires and always wanted to become one and the full moon lands on my birthday which is when you can only use this poem to full use !

Please write down what you think about this? Am I right or wrong.

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