Sense Of Death

by JJ

Eight months ago I had a dream that my mom's dog had died and woke up with a real bad feeling. My dad had just gotten my mom a new dog after being very depressed over the passing of my dog, that had gotten out after she accidentally left the front door open and was struck by a car. I called my mom, but didn't tell her of my dream and asked if everything was alright. She said she was doing good and everything was fine, which made my worries disappear.

I had been away from home for about 6 months at the time living in Florida, and as a spur of the moment idea I told her I really wanted to come visit her and planned on leaving that day. She seemed really happy at the idea and didn't even question if my schedule would allow it. So I threw a bag together, hopped in the car with my cousin (roommate, who tagged along for the visit) for Michigan.

We made the drive in one stretch which took about 18 hours. The trip was fine with no problems. As we hit Ohio though I had a sense to really want to be home, which is normal when I make these trips being so close to the final destination, but this was different. I felt like I NEEDED to be home for something. I eventually brushed it off and somewhat forgot about it.

We arrived at the house around 8 a.m pretty tired and excited to see my parents. I literally walked through the door and my mom was standing there and said, "Alex your dad died". After the initial shock and some tears, she told me she didn't know how she was going to be able to tell me the bad news, when she could have the day before when I gave her a call.

Having a dream of death the night my father died and on top of that having the urge to go back home as if my father was calling for me has really messed with me. Something was at work throughout the whole situation, and me trying to figure that out is whats really got me thinking. Just a series of coincidences or was a higher power at work...?

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