Shadow Animal and Voices

by Jenna

I had seen a black creature that I can only explain as a weasel similar to the white one Temari from Naruto summons leaping from branch to branch in the bushes. I live near a green-strip a strip of woodland is behind the house running all the way down the street, so I wouldn't of been concerned if it was smaller. It was large. By large I mean larger than the neighbor's black labs - who are rather mean you can hear the meanness in their barks - who didn't bark, for once.

My dog, an old dog about ten or so, was frightened of it, didn't bark but wanted to go in without peeing. It was fast moving and I didn't catch a glimpse of any detail, but I know instinctively it was a weasel. I hadn't seen it in a while but then it started showing up at school every time someone turned a the lights in a single hallway off.

It jumped from person to person as I walked, always staying in front of me. It vanished like a shadow wavering for a moment before vanishing. I told my mom about it. I haven't seen it since. Whenever I try to remember it, it either has no visible eyes, or red eyes. I didn't feel frightened of it. Now I'm hearing voices. I'm afraid of those.

Any idea on what's going on? How can I get the voices to go away? My mom doesn't believe me about them I had a problem with voices and nightmares when I was younger. She went to a psychic convention and found a solution - Ceramic Angel bells. One broke four five years back when she tossed my comforter at it, and the other... The idea of getting it out frightens me [...Likely a combination of the fear of something falling on me, a fear of being bitten by spiders,a fear of the dark [which is only now beginning to recur and a fear of if it doesn't work effectively or is broken it will make the voices angry.

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