Shadow Being

by Alice Fae

There is the only experience I have had that I remember vividly, but I have all my life experienced the feeling that I am not alone and that some unseen force is watching me. I like to think it is merely paranoia, but upon reading other articles and speculations and the circumstances, I think it is validation that there exists, at the least, shadow people out there watching us.

I was probably between the ages of 5 and 7, I am almost 22 years old now and this has stuck with me all my life. I was using the restroom, very early in the morning, and I saw a dark shape slowly walk past the bathroom door, down the hall, as if it was walking out of my parents bedroom. I did not see it out of the corner of my eye, I looked right at it. It was very tall and had long limbs and dull yellow glowing eyes. It was tall enough that it had to mildly slouch its shoulder and hang its head. The shadow looked right at me as it walked past the door. Being as young as I was, I screamed out of terror but thinking back, I do not believe I felt that it was evil; I was just terrified.

My mom came dashing out of her bedroom and I remember her, half awake looking at me from the door frame. I don't remember anything past that or talking to my mom but I have always remembered that shadow man.

Upon reading about other people seeing a 'shadow man, sometimes with glowing eyes' just watching them, I think that what I saw was very real, not just a young child, half awake and taking an early AM wee.

To this day, I am scared to be alone although I am aware that you should not be fearful. I wake after 3 AM often, which is so cliche but concerning that I still do this. I am extremely aware of changes in emotion in people and the atmosphere of a room occupied and unoccupied.

I would love to hear someone else who has experienced this or has knowledgeable insight.

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