Shadow By My Bed

by Skylar

One night, I woke up extremely early while everyone was asleep because I felt a presence. I heard a shuffling noise and it stopped at the end of my bed. At first, I was terrified and I wasn't about to dare and find out who was there(I wasn't about to die!) I decided to look anyways because for all I knew they could be stalking.

I slowly sat up and looked at who was there. A silhouette of a boy who wasn't much older than me was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed, looking up at me with a comfortable look on his face like he was chillin'. I knew that my brother wasn't that old or awake, and my mom doesn't look like a teenage boy. My window was also closed and my doors were locked.

"Why are you- what are you doing?" I hissed at the shadow before hiding under my covers and freaking out. I heard a rustle and it sounded like the shadow was gone(it was, thank god!)

My mom came in my room wondering what I was doing and I told her what I saw. She didn't believe me, but I know what I saw. I could see that the shadow had auburn hair, it was tall, and it didn't threaten me. I still don't know what it was to this day.

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