Shadow Girl Wants To Play

by sana aized

I was 15 when this happened to me that a girl with a black shadow appeared near to my bed and angrily asked me to play with her.

Well this happened because I was really fond of scary stories. I loved watching spooky movies. I have read many novels. You can say that I was really fond of scary things.

One day I was going to bed at 1:30 AM after watching a horror movie and as i layed down a girl came out from under my bed and asked in a rude or type of angry voice "will you play with me?" I was damn scared. I put blanket on my head and tried to sleep.

On the next day I told my mom what had happened. She slapped on my face and said "I told you not to watch so many scary things but you never had listen to me!" I then said in a low voice that what do you mean by this mom? She then explained that these horror stories have great effect in our daily lives we must not watch them and must not be very interested them as well or they will come to real life and harm you.

Here I was a bit shocked but then promised never to see any thing horror only once or twice a month. So dear friends! b e c a r e f u l !!!

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