Shadow Man

by Ally

Growing up I was a very sad child. I had lots of family issues. My house that I lived in growing up always scared me. I lived there from the time I was born until I was maybe 12.

At night I would see a shadow man. He would stand in the corner of my room and watch me. He was only there at night. I saw him all throughout my childhood. When we moved into our new house he was also there. He had these emerald green eyes.

I always felt a strong connection to him. I could tell it was more than merely a friendly thing the emotions that he gave off were more sexual. When I showered or got changed I could feel him watching me. He only ever touched me twice. When he did touch me it felt cold extremely cold. Since my 16th birthday I haven't seen him. My room now feels quite empty and I miss the feeling of someone being there.

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