Shadow Man

by Anonymous

I was ten years old when this took place in our house at La Puente, California. It was around three in the morning when I found myself awake. I never liked sleeping alone in that house, so I usually had my mom sleep with me.

When I awoke I was turning to hug my mom when I spotted something near the doorway of my bedroom that froze me. It was the silhouette of a man - it was shadow like, it seemed as if he was leaning on the door frame focused on us, his arms crossed. At first I thought it was my dad since the shadow was tall, but then I realized it wasn't him since I could hear my dad snoring from my parents room.

I looked for any possible reason as to what could cause me to see this thing. The more I looked at the shadow man, the more scared I grew since I couldn't even see his face and all I got this eerie feeling.

Panicked I lay back down and focused on going to sleep, while being as close as I could with my mom for comfort and security.

Two years later we sold the house and moved to Arizona. My cousin moved into the house. One day, while he was visiting us I asked him if any creepy things happened to them at the house. The hair on my neck stood when he told me that his sister always felt as if she was being choked while she lay on her bed to go to sleep. I then asked him in what room she was experiencing this, to my utter shock, I discovered she was sleeping in my old bedroom and that was where she felt as if hands were squeezing her neck trying to cut her air supply.

I personally think that whatever is in that house grew angry that we moved out.

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