Shadow Men

by Erika Henry
(Winnabow,North Carolina/Bedford,Indiana)

When I was about 10 and my little sister was 8 we started seeing apparitions of tall, shadow-like men. They had no faces and they never said a word to us. However, they would make themselves known in various ways.

Once, we heard really loud, odd-sounding noises, like scratching and banging coming from the kitchen. We went in to investigate. When we got there, nothing. Not a single thing out of place. Another time we were walking down past the alley near our house and just saw one of them standing there.

Recently, I've moved to North Carolina. We thought when I moved away the hauntings would subside since they usually happened when we were together. We were wrong. My sister still sees them occasionally and I see and hear them almost daily.

Hopefully with time the hauntings will go away. Only time will tell.

~* If anyone has any information as to what these things are or what they want please email me at *~

Also, we think we are seeing these apparitions because we tried calling on the dead right before this started happening.

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