Shadow People

by Mubble

I used to go to a school that was once a farm. One of the classrooms was once "the dairy" you know where the cows were milked. But me and my friends kept seeing shadows there. Once I was in the bathroom some one else was in the toilet and I was washing my hands. Then the lights went out and I felt something grab me by the wrist. I tried to feel who was there then the light came on and everything went back to normal(be aware the light switch was outside the bathroom). At first these shadows seemed harmless but each time we saw them they were further away from "the dairy". I'm in a different school now and nothing is freaky so I don't think they were following me. But I just want to know what they are and what they wanted. Ghosts and stuff like this fascinate me. Does anyone know who they are and what they wanted? Thanks.

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