Shadow People

by Jay

When I was younger every night until I was 9 or 10 I would see a black shadow in the shape of a man in my doorway. Being somewhat intelligent for my age I assumed that I was seeing things at first, but as I got older it would scare me more. I would lay there for hours trying so hard not to even blink, hoping this thing would just go away and mostly crying myself to sleep.

One night that I remember very clearly I had went to sleep early, but I was woken up in the middle of the night. I didn't know why I had woke up but I felt panicked when I did. I laid there for a bit and I had this dance pad made out of super loud material and it sounded like it was being crinkled up obnoxiously. Assuming it was my brother or my dad messing with me I leaped out of bed towards where it was coming from and I didn't bump into someone, but instead a wall of coldness. I jumped back under my covers, too scared to do anything else, and laid there waiting for the man in the doorway to come. But instead I felt someone/thing standing over my bed.

Then one of my balls started rolling from one side of the room to the other. As soon as that happened my dog ran in and started barking at me and that was my chance to scream as loud as I possibly could and my dad came racing in to take me to his room which happened a lot. I told him why I was scared to sleep alone, but I always felt he didn't believe me.

Once we moved out of that house he told me he saw a shadow of a man in his doorway also, but his description was very different from mine. He also told me many of his friends had seen it one night and they all left out the window and wouldn't go through his door.

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