Shared Multi-Generational Dream

by Alex Gould
(New Jersey, U.S.A)

So let me just start off by saying this isn't exactly a ghost story. At least I don't think it is. I'm very skeptical when it comes to anything supernatural, but this is just one experience I've had that I simply can't ignore. I'm not posting this just to sound cool, and to get 'in the spotlight', I'd really like to know if any of you have heard of this sort of thing before, or have experienced it. It really shook me up. I honestly have chills just thinking about writing this down right now.

So this all happened about a month ago. It started with a dream I had. Its a long dream, but I'll type up the whole thing in case it helps associate with dreams you may have had. So the beginning of the dream is a bit fuzzy. But after some occasion, I ended up at this diner a few miles from my house with my friend, my ex girlfriend's older brother (shes a year younger then me, he's a year older, so we are both close) and one of his friends. I'm 16 years old now, but I think I was older in the dream. Yet I hadn't aged any, none of us had. It was just sort of implied (we ordered alcohol, for instance). Anyway, my ex and I had a really rough break up, for both of us. And she just happened to show up to the same diner that night. Her brother insisted that she sit with us, and it was extremely awkward.

At one point, they (excluding she and I) began talking about how me and her should get back together and my ex began to cry and ran out of the diner followed by the girl she had came with. We all mellowed out a bit, but stayed to finish our meals. It was dark by then, around 8 o'clock and we decided it was time to drive home. My ex's brother was driving, but when we got to the car, I got this weird feeling and decided to walk home. (not impossible, the restaurant is maybe four miles away, it would take a while, but I was in no hurry at that point to get home). He tried to change my mind, but saw I wanted to be alone and drove off.

I began walking home, the strange part being that In the dream I headed east. In real life I would have needed to head west, but not in the dream. East was less... city-ized. Very few houses, more trees, not as many cars went by. I walked for a good hour and a half til I reached a street I would have reached going west in real life. I was walking on the left side of the road, against traffic. I just happened to look up, when I saw this animal about fifty yards away sprinting down the street. It was a massive grizzly bear (grizzly or brown bear, I just thought of grizzly first when I saw it, I don't know if there is a difference). When I say massive, I mean massive. Way too big for me to try and fight or beat away. The thing looked straight at me, straight into my eyes, and began crossing the street running right at me (on all fours, most of this dream was believable, not fictional).

I instantly turned and vaulted over the fence next to me and began running across a field towards a larger chain-link fence. The bear was closing in. And it began screaming. Not roaring, screaming. In a human voice, in English. If that wasn't the scariest part, it was vulgar. It was cursing at me, telling me how it was going to rip my guts out, and tear me apart. It kept saying you cant get away.

Anyway, I finally reached the next fence and scaled it the minute the bear reached it. It slammed into it and I was launched off the fence to the ground, as I looked up I saw the bear rear up and bring its claws downs through the fence, slicing it like butter. Then I woke up. My heart beating out of control, my bed soaked with sweat.

My grandma made breakfast for me that morning and noticed my hands shaking. She asked me what was wrong and I told her I had a nightmare. She asked what of and I said of being chased by a bear. I said it gently, and was surprised to find my grandma breaking down in tears in front of me. I went over and held her and finally asked her what the problem is. She said that my bedroom used to be her bedroom. And that for years she had dreams of a giant grizzly bear chasing her (note that I never mentioned the fact it was a grizzly bear to her, or its size). We chatted about it and compared dreams for a while, but since I had only had the one, it was hard to tell if they were connected. And her bear had never cursed. So I decided to go back and find all the people I knew of who had my room at one point.

It turns out that both my aunt and my older brother had similar dreams while they lived at home in that room. Is it possible this is some form of haunting? Some poltergeist or bad omen? Is it a sign maybe??? Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated, thank you. If you would like to know more about what their dreams were like, feel free to email me. Its

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