Silent Woods

by Josh

I had a strange occurrence happen to me recently. I was taking a walk in the woods on my grandfathers land (175 acres) as I often do. I enjoy the woods because I get a sense of connectivity with the natural world while I am in it. However, that day was different. I felt a strange feeling as I got farther and farther into the woods. It was a lot like feeling lonely but it had a feeling of dread with it. I was more confused than anything because I spend most of my time in the woods and blamed it on my medicine.

I walked further and came upon my father's tree stand. I climbed up and just chilled while I read some books I'd brought with me. I lost track of time while I read, and looked up saw the sun was setting. I was about to leave when it hit me. Ever sense I had that feeling, the wood had been silent. Most people probably know this, but the forest is never quite. Something is always making noise, but I heard nothing. It felt as if I was the only living thing in the world, and a sense of desperation started to descend on me.

I looked around and saw nothing, and so I assumed that it was safe to leave but I looked up and saw a vision that filled my heart with dread. I wouldn't call them black eyed children, but they were made of shadow. In the top of the tree sat three humanoid figures. One was tall,(mabey 7ft) and when I looked at it I felt threatened. One was about average height, and it seemed friendly, or at least, indifferent, and the third one surprised me the most. I could tell it was female,(the silhouette was definitely female) and it gave me a very friendly vibe so to speak.

I almost said hi when the tall one reached towards me and I knew it was time to leave. I jumped from the tree stand, miraculously managing not to hurt myself. I'm not a fast runner, but I ran til I reached my grandparents house. All the way back, I felt something run in the trees above me, presumably the "girl" shadow, judging from the tone of laughter I heard whilst running. When I got to the cornfield between the woods and the house, the laughter stopped, and I felt normal.

I decided to post this here to avoid being called crazy. I want advice on whether to go back in the woods. I like the outdoors, and the shadows, (aside from the tall one), intrigued me more than they scared me. Are they some kind of guardians or something? They didn't seem especially demonic.

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