by Anoshia

Last summer a group of friends got together at our friend's house. We went swimming, smoked some pot and just had a good time together. Well one of the friends decides to go on a walk by herself. She was gone for a long time so myself and 2 others decided to go looking for her. There is a walking track behind her house. A gate leads from her back yard to the walking track. So we started there.

The other girl and myself were still high but coming down really fast because we were freaking out because we thought our friend had been kidnapped or hurt. The guy that was with us didn't smoke or drink at all. We were walking around yelling her name and suddenly the male of the group snaps his head over towards the backyards of the other houses on her street. We all look over. We see a completely black figure hunched down looking at us from behind a tree. We talk about it but blow it off.

As we were getting closer to the gate in her backyard it would get closer faster. At one point it was standing right next to the gate. I refused to go through that gate. We were all pretty freaked out not only because of the creature we had just seen but the fact that we couldn't find our adventurous friend.

About an hour later (it was around 2 in the morning when she went missing) when our friend returned we told her of the thing we saw. She then proceeded to tell us that while she was sitting down she saw a tall black figure standing not even 5 feet away from her staring at her. Keep in mind that the male of the group wasn't intoxicated at all and we had come down from our high a lot.

It's been almost a year since the event and we've gotten a lot of peoples input about the situation. "Skin walker" came up more than once. In fact almost everybody mentioned it. Someone told us that they don't attack groups but my friend was alone and it didn't attack her. Is there anyone that could give me some input on this situation? It would be very helpful. Thank you.

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